Tuesday, July 30, 2002

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Not your average skateboarders
July 30, 2002

...this week, as the Philips Fusion contest sets its $45,000 portable wood Soul Bowl upon Huntington Beach, the skateboarders will include some extreme extremists:...

"Jack," a chimpanzee - as in yes, the hairy mammal, the primate, the pan troglodytes - who skates....

The chimp goes by the name Jack. He starred in the Universal Pictures release, "MVP 2 - Most Vertical Primate" as a skateboarder.

The chimp is scheduled to skate Friday afternoon in the Soul Bowl. Elguera no doubt will be saying prayers for the chimp. So will Sasha.

"I've seen this chimp skate, and it can catch air," Sasha said. "I guess this shows how popular skateboarding has become and how everyone - or every thing - is doing it."...