Wednesday, July 24, 2002

The US’ NIH Chimpanzee Management Program has added a 4th “R” for chimpanzee experimentation, making it “reduce, refine, replace, and recycle.” Can there be any clearer indication that “retirement” under the CHIMP Act is a sham? The Baroness puts forth the tired “your child or the dog?” argument, ignoring the fact that most people would be willing to sacrifice not only anonymous animals but also human strangers if it would save the life of a loved one. For information on the harm to human health caused by animal experimentation, see Americans for Medical Advancement.


Lords call for changes to animal testing
Polly Curtis
Wednesday July 24, 2002

Experiments on animals are necessary to develop medicine and protect humans and the environment, a House of Lords select committee said today.

However, the all-party group of peers sitting on the select committee on animals in scientific procedures said in a report that more should be done to fund and promote "alternative" methods, which the European Research Commission has promoted as the three Rs - reduction, refinement and replacement....

Baroness Greenfield, director of the Royal Institution, said she was "saddened" the committee had not recommended putting a message on every prescription stating that the medication about to be taken was tested on animals.

"This would draw a clear line between the extremists, who appear not to put a premium on human life, and the vast majority who would value the lives of those closest to them above and beyond experimental animals," she said....