Tuesday, August 06, 2002

This ad is memorable for its cruelty and lack of compassion for an exploited chimpanzee child.


August 4, 2002
Brand Most Recognized
Fidelity Comes Out On Top In TV Ads
Craig Allen

Fidelity Investments' ad of a woman sharing a taxi with a financial advisor asking him about rolling over her 401(k) is the most recognized financial services advertisement on network television, according to a study put together by ad monitoring agency, Intermedia Advertising Group, exclusively for Fund Marketing Alert. IAG monitored all financial services ads on national network television from mid-September 2001 through May of this year, and found that Fidelity's ad was recalled nearly three times as much than any other financial services ad...

E*Trade's, Chimp in green tux, also proved to be very successful. The ad, which features a gaudily clad chimp in top hat and tails dancing with showgirls, came in seventh on IAG's list. The firm spent the 16th largest amount out of all financial service companies....