Friday, January 17, 2003


Zoo animals enjoy cozy life in icy city

HARBIN, Jan 14, 2003 (Xinhua via COMTEX) -- Though the minimum temperature has dropped to 30 degrees below zero Celsius in China's northernmost icy city of Harbin, zoo animals are leading a cozy life as usual, thanks to the heating systems installed in their pens.

Shasha, a chimpanzee from Africa, is devouring tomatoes -- his favorite food -- at his comfortable home heated with a liquefied gas heater, while his best friend Turna rides on a swing.

Shortly after their arrival in Harbin from their tropical hometown last autumn, the chimpanzees came down with a bad cold and recovered only after days of antibiotic transfusions, said zoo keeper Huang Delin.

The management then started to consider additional warmth for these tropical species, as the central heating system at the zoo could only raise the indoor temperature to 15 degrees at most on the coldest days.....