Saturday, March 15, 2003

Over 1000 were exported as pets in the last decade. And how many mothers and community members died trying to prevent the kidnapping of these infants?


[Photo] A rescued baby Chimpanzee brought from South Sudan to Kenya, one of the four chimpanzees that Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officials confiscated from pet dealers at a Kenyan airport while on transit, shows off a piece of bread in its quarantine facility at KWS in Nairobi March 13, 2003. Chimpanzees are listed on CITES list as endangered species and trading in them and their products is prohibited worldwide though it is estimated that more than 1000 chimpanzees from West and Central Africa were exported from Africa as pets during the past decade. KWS officials plan to transfer the chimps to a Zambian sanctuary - the Chimfunshi facility, once they acquire relevant export documents.