Friday, March 14, 2003

"They pay the price for their beauty, poor beasts. Mankind wants to catch anything beautiful and shut it up, and then come in thousands to watch it die by inches." David Garnett, A Man in the Zoo. Read Zoos and The End of Nature.


Baby boom at the zoo

[Photo] Taronga Zoo's new baby chimp and bongo go on display.

Taronga Zoo's newest star, baby chimpanzee Furahi, was too busy lazing in a hammock with Mum to perform tricks for the media throng in Sydney today....

When feeding time came around, Furahi's friends put on a show of squabbles and spectacular banana catches, but 13-day-old Furahi was too little for theatrics and clung tight to Mum.

"For the first three months of a chimp's life, it stays just on Mum's stomach," the zoo's Africa Division manager Maria Finnigan told AAP.

"Then when the baby gets more confident at around five or six months of age, the mother will move it around to her back."...