Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Bushmeat trade thriving in Kenya

The meat from wild animals killed illegally is being sold in Kenya's capitol, Nairobi, a report has said.

According to the Born Free Foundation, Nairobi is one of the many bushmeat trade "hot spots", which pose a serious threat to several wild animal species.

The Eating The Unknown report says many customers of Nairobi butchers are unaware that they are buying bushmeat....

"The statistics suggest that nearly half the meat bought and sold from the 202 butcheries in the survey is either entirely or partly bushmeat," said Winnie Kiiru, East African representative of the Born Free Foundation.

This is of concern for people as well as wildlife because the spread of diseases such as anthrax and Ebola have been linked to human consumption of wild animals.

The trade in bushmeat is seen as one of the many threats facing African wildlife, including various monkey and antelope species as well as great apes such as the chimpanzee....