Monday, October 25, 2004


Bright ideas

Nick Temple is the editor of the Global Ideas Book, a compendium of social innovations. It encompasses fledgling schemes, existing projects and bright ideas, all connected by their use of creativity and imagination to improve people's lives. Here he picks his top 10 social inventions from the book, from hibernation days to eco-taxes...

9. A focused eco-tax on using animals in product marketing
A great piece of simple creative thinking in evidence here: companies who use animals in their marketing and promotion should have to contribute something to preserving or helping the animal in question. Esso would have to contribute to a tiger reserve, Andrex to a dogs home, PG Tips to chimpanzee welfare and so on. It needn't necessarily be a huge amount but seeing as the companies profit from using the animals, it seems fair to give something back, and it may even prove to be a useful marketing exercise for the companies involved....

It would better help the animals not to exploit them as ad tools in the first place.